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Water Processing

In YDROKINISI of Crete you will find a variety of filtration and recirculation equipment

100% free of chlorine, algecide, flocculant.

100% free from microbes.

100% odorless and chlorine flavor.

100% without irritation to the eyes, nose and skin.

100% crystal water.

100% friendly to the environment and people.


Results and benefits of new methods:

  Reduction of maintenance need of the pool and engine room.

  Additional protection thanks to UV disinfection.



Chlorine or hydrogen peroxide and pH control systems, salt chlorides and salt electrolysis systems.


Water purification and care products:

  • Automatic robot brooms for pools of all types and sizes.
  • Eco-friendly products for chemical equilibrium and water disinfection, with the highest protection factor at lower operating costs.
  • Pool accessories and cleaning equipment in a wide variety.





13, 28th October st., Rethimno, Crete

tel: +30 2831302348, +30 6948712697