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The experienced staff and craftsmen of YDROKINISI of Crete will guide you with credibility and security throughout the process, from the original pool design to the supply of the most quality accessories.

The following steps relate to the process of creating a pool:

  • Study and design
  • Soil preparation and excavation
  • Construction of foundations and frames
  • Installation of filtration and recirculation systems
  • Installation of underwater lighting and decontamination systems
  • Finishing surface (lining)

Our company offers high quality water projects to its customers such as modern swimming pools with perimeter or side overflows, indoor pools of gymnasiums and clinics, as well as impressive hotel pools with sandy beach finishes and exotic colors, adding unique aesthetics and flawless functionality to every place.



Prefabricated Swimming Pool

  Small-scale license

  Strong galvanized shielding (does not corrode the panels)

  Easy application and variety of shapes

Concrete Pool

  Complete construction of the pool frame

  Ensuring resistance

  Placement of desired mechanical equipment


Gunite Pool

  Without compounds

  100% waterproofness

  Durable with absolute freedom of shapes


Pool with Overflow

  Water surface at the same level as the surrounding area

  Immediately clean the surface of the water

  Unique aesthetic result

Pool with Skimmer

  No perimeter or lateral overflow channel

  No additional water, overflow tank is required

  Ideal for small spaces


Beach Style Pool

  Impressive way to enter the pool without stairs

  Feeling a natural result combined with investment

  Greater security when entering the pool




Depending on the pool category you choose, you can make a coating with pebble, plaster, liner, chip and modern sealing materials for aesthetic and functional results.





13, 28th October st., Rethimno, Crete

tel: +30 2831302348, +30 6948712697